So what is the VINACUREANTM experience? 

Well, it has been said that an 'Epicurean' is one who has cultivated a refined taste, especially in the area of food and wine. We at VINACUREAN TOURSTM have built upon the Epicurean concept to provide you not only with a simple vineyard tour or wine pairing, but a communal Epicurean experience, shared with other wine lovers and travelers.  An experience that combines the many hidden jewels of Chile, including its wine, food and culture.       

In addition to touring some of Chile's finest vineyards, a focal of the VINACUREANTM experience includes dining as well.  This includes the daily almuerzo, or lunch, which in Chile is generally the main meal of the day.  However, these are not the ordinary lunches you may be used to.  During almuerzo, you will sit together, as a group, and all enjoy the same culinary delight, so that you may discuss with your other travelers your shared experience.       

With Chile’s capital of Santiago as our base, each day brings an exciting new experience that will not only show you the fine wine, cuisine and other delights that Chile has to offer, but more importantly expose you to the warmth of the Chilean people as well.   

Come, enjoy the VINACUREANTM experience with us!  

We should look for someone to eat and drink with... 

before looking for something to eat and drink...

~Epicurus, Greek Philosopher, circa 300 B.C.

We are specialists in personalized tours of Chilean vineyards and cuisine. 


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